On Tuesday we have Dinostar-The Dinosaur Experience in school for the day. 

The children will have the opportunity to take part in two different workshops (an introduction to dinosaurs workshop and a recreating fossils workshop).

In Maths this week we will be:

  • counting relaibly beyond 10 objects
  • learning that a number identifies how many objects are in a set
  • recognising number 12 and using Numicon to make 12 in different ways



In Literacy we will be:

  • labelling the parts of a dinosaur
  • continuing to work through Phase 3 in our daily phonics sessions
  • doodling the letters d and a

Our learning challenge this week is What do dinosaurs look like?

We will also be:

  • using the ipads and non-fiction books to look at the features of different dinosaurs
  • creating dinosaur information posters
  • using the apparatus in our P.E. sessions