Phonics is taught in discrete twenty minute sessions each day. We have a multi-sensory approach to the teaching of phonics and  provide the children with regular opportunities to use and apply their phonic knowledge throughout the day.

File icon: pdf 100 h.f. words in Phases [pdf 36KB] Click to download


Children in the Foundation Stage are regulary encouraged to participate in activities that will develop their fine motor control.  For example, threading, weaving, dough work and cutting.  We also have a daily 'Dough Disco'!


In autumn term, the children will focus on writing patterns (Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle). They will be encouraged to dance out the patterns using scarves and to 'squiggle' on large pieces of paper using both hands.


In spring and summer terms, children will progress to forming letters (Doodle with your Noodle).  Adults will  model how to form individual letters with clear entry and exit points in preparation for joined handwriting. The children will practise letter formation daily, initially forming letters in the air using 'magic wands' then practising on paper.


‘Sky, grass and ground’ mats will be used to assist them with their letter formation.  Tall letters such as ‘d’ and ‘l’ ascend into the sky and letters with tails such as ‘y’ and ‘g’ descend into the grass (see attached grid).

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