Monday 21st January - Friday 25th January

This week in literacy we will be planning our our story based on 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. Our story is going to be called 'I'm Going On A .... Hunt! This week we are going to plan which animal we are going to find and where our story is going to take place. We will be using adjectives to describe our animals and our settings.

In numeracy we are going to be solving addition and subtraction sentences with missing numbers - eg  3 + __ = 8 or 10 - __ = 5. We will be using our knowledge of addition and subtraction to help us find the missing numbers and explain how we did it.

As part of our topic work this week we are going to be looking at how animals are the same and how they are different. We will be looking at and labelling body parts; how the same body parts can look different on different animals and how some animals have completely different body parts to all other animals.