Spring Term 2019

I'm a pupil get me out of here!

This term we will be focusing on Geography. We will be looking at maps of the world and locating, where the continents, oceans and seas, and key countries are. We will be looking at the main cities in the UK and finding the the rainforests are in the world.

We will look at what makes up the rainforest, such as habitat, plant life and animals. We will also be looking at how the rainforest affects our lives and how climate change can and is affecting the rainforests. We will look at what we can do to help prevent the demise of the rain forests.

As part of our science we will be looking at the parts of plaints and looking at humans.

Our literacy will be linked to the topic with us creating an adventure story and writing our own piece of pursuasive writing, using the book The Great Kapok tree for inspiration.