Weekly Information

Our Topic this term is called: 'Would you like an evening with Year 6?'

Now the SATs are all over, we are planning and organising our Evening With Year 6, which will take place at the end of the term ib Thusday 12th July. The children will be inviting parents into school for the evening to be fed, watered and entertained!


Our class book for this term is called: 'Trash'. It deals with some quite challenging and mature topics, including poverty, corruption and friendship alongside an exciting plot.


The children will be carrying out a project where they are tasked to design, cost and run their own theme park.


To aid our project, the children will be designing posters, decorations and table plans for the Evening with Year 6, as well as practising their entertainment.


The children will be recapping their word processing skills using the iPads to design adverts on iMovie for 'An Evening With Year 6'.


Every Wednesday, the children will have a percussion lesson with Mr Cook - we will be learning to play Samba!