Values and Ethos 

Our intention is to foster the aspiration amongst children, staff, governors and parents for:

“…learning together; learning for life”

By this we mean that all individuals in the school will be encouraged to be continually engaged in the learning process and always try to do their best.

To achieve this we will: -

  • support and encourage the children to become effective independent learners
  • constantly develop the quality of our teaching
  • strive to actively involve parents in their children’s education

Our Values
Our vision is rooted in: -

  • a respect for everyone involved in the school
  • valuing learning as a continuous process
  • trust and honesty
  • tolerance and understanding
  • enquiry and curiosity
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • consistency and fairness
  • respect for individual differences
  • a sense of shared responsibility within the school and the wider community


  • To develop a common sense of purpose where differences in values and beliefs are respected.
  • To help the children to foster a pride in themselves and their achievements.
  • We will provide opportunities for each child to: -
  • develop as a whole person recognising moral, spiritual, physical, social and intellectual needs;
  • work independently with confidence and self-esteem;
  • encourage your child to work both independently and with others.