Little Trees Yoga

Little Trees Yoga welcome boys and girls and is designed for children 4 years old and above.

Using the traditional yoga postures to maintain younger children’s natural flexibility, breathing and relaxation techniques, children are led into exciting adventures and magical places. Classes are designed to stimulate children’s powers of imagination. They will often jump on a magic carpet, surf down a Mountain, or fly off in a hot air balloon! They meet Mermaids, dinosaurs & astronauts, swim with dolphins, play football with crabs and all their adventures have happy endings – the Children are always the hero!! Yoga postures integrate balance, co-ordination and movement.

The class structure is always fun and creative. Some of the overall benefits to your children are improved concentration levels, better sleep patterns, greater self-esteem, and a stronger immune system.


Classes run on a Tuesday morning before school, 08:00 - 0845 or after school on a Thursday until 16:20.

Please contact the school for further information.