The swimming squad this year consists of 15 children, boys and girls from year 4 to 6.

There are individual and team races. 



Inter School Swimming Gala, 25/05/18.


Girls Individual Breaststroke.

1st race

Poppy B came 7th.

2nd race

Elinae B came 7th.


Girls Individual Backstroke.

1st race

Ruby M  came 2nd.

2nd race

Maddie G came 3rd.


Girls Individual Freestyle.

1st race

Lola S came 6th.

2nd race

Neve M came 1st.


Girls Breastsroke Team.

Niomi C, Grace S & Megan T came 6th.


Girls Medley Team.

Neve M, Maddie G & Lola S cane 2nd.


Girls Freestyle Team.

Pobby B, Ruby M & Elinae B came 6th.


Boys Individual Breaststroke.

1st race

Ethan L came 3rd.

2nd race

Leo P came 5th.


Boys Individual Backstroke.

1st race

Oliver H came 1st.

2nd race

James G came 3rd.


Boys Individual Freestyle.

1st race

Lucas J came 1st.

2nd race

Alex T came first.


Boys Medley Team.

Oliver H, Lucas J & Alex T came 1st.


Boys Freestyle Team.

Ethan L, James G & Leo P came 2nd.


Overall the girls team finished 3rd, the boys team finished 2nd and as a school finished runners up.