Wolf Class Homework.

The children will receive one piece of maths homework and one piece of literacy homework weekly. The homework books will be handed out on Friday. Please ensure homework is brought back in by the following Friday. If homework is finished earlier, the children may hand books back as soon as it is completed.

The children are expected to read their reading books every day for ten minutes and record an entry in their reading diary. Please bring your reading diary in when every you have finished your book.

As well as this, they are expected to practice tables and spellings for tests each Friday.  All the children across KS2 are expected to practise weekly on Timestables RockStars as well as their written homework.

Spellings will be handed out on a Friday for testing the following Friday. Please ensure the children have spelling books in school on this day.

If for any reason books or homework sheets are misplaced, please let Mrs Challender know as soon as possible.

Please encourage the children to complete their homework and reading diary independently. However if they are struggling, please help your child or ask them to contact their teacher for some extra help in school. Do not spend hours on a piece of homework. If it is taking too long, then please feel free to leave it.